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Enhance your inexpensive wine with Tesla technology

Who would ever think that modification of the molecules in a less expensive wine could enhance its taste, texture, and smoothness. Recent research by Tesla Energy, LLC has discovered that specific healing frequencies can both realign wine molecules to enhance its quality of taste but also impart healing frequencies into your body.


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The patient purchased the Tesla Energy Card to help speed up the resolution of severe eczema on several parts of his body, plus severe fatigue issues. He placed the card under his bottled water, food, and wears it during the day. In six weeks of time, he reported that his eczema started to fade away and his energy greatly improved.

"Last New Year after partying to the wee hours and sleeping in a cold apartment, I awoke feeling like I was coming down with the flu. A friend of mine gave me Vanish. I did four sprays in my mouth several times during the morning. By lunchtime, I felt normal with no feeling of the flu coming on. I was a happy camper. This product is amazing."

Joseph G.

"There are a lot of products on the market to treat a cold but none compare to Vanish. Every winter I would come down with bronchitis. Last year I took Vanish on a regular basis as a preventative. I made it through the winter for the first time without bronchitis. I am impressed to say the least."

Rob M.

Kathy Young describes her experience on first using the Tesla Energy Card™ just before Christmas, 2019.

"I was suffering from a cold and experiencing a sore throat, sneezing, achy joints, and runny nose. A neighbor introduced me to Vanish. I did four sprays several times during the day and to my amazement the next day my symptoms were gone. I thought I was imagining things but it really worked."

Rich S.

"My neighbor recommended that my daughter use Vanish to thwart her cold. I ordered a bottle and soon as it arrived my daughter took the prescribed dosage. Within hours my daughter started feeling better. By the next day her symptoms were gone. I never new such products existed."

Harry B.

"You shared with me a card with the frequencies to treat COVID. I gave this to a dear friend and she took it home with her to Delaware. She then tells me that her friend's father was in the hospital with Covid and had a pulse ox of 86%.

My friend used the card to make two bottles of water for the father. After drinking the water his pulse ox jumped to 96%. He was released from the hospital two days later and continues to do well."

Dr. Ron R., MD
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