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Tesla Energy Card™ Wholesaler/Reseller Program

Tesla Energy, LLC offers a unique program to help people, friends, and family to protect their health at an affordable cost. The Tesla Energy Card® represents a new and innovative delivery system to balance the body's energy and boost the immune system. The unique magnetic strip on the back side of the card has been programmed with a proprietary energy pattern to enhance the immune system to enable anyone to resist better the COVID-19 virus as well as improve healing. The card can be used repeatedly to imprint water bottles and food, and worn 24/7 for a period of twenty-four months from the date of first use. The card should be replaced due to the diminished intensity of the energy pattern.

Retail Purchase Price: $29.95

Wholesale/Reseller Discounts:

3 - 5 Cards 10% Discount $26.95/unit
6 - 10 Cards 20% Discount $23.96/unit
11 - 15 Cards 25% Discount $22.46/unit
16 - 20 Cards 30% Discount $20.97/unit
21 - 25 Cards 35% Discount $19.47/unit
26 - 50 Cards 50% Discount $14.97/unit
51 - 75 Cards 55% Discount $13.48/unit
76 - 100 Cards 60% Discount $12.48/unit
100+ Cards 70% Discount $ 8.98/unit

The wholesaler has no contractual commitment and can sell the Tesla Energy Card® to anyone and anywhere. If you are interested in getting involved with this innovative technology, please get in touch with us here to request more information.

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