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Frequently Asked Questions

It is an innovative delivery system that broadcasts programed frequencies to rebalance the body.

The common denominator of all forms of healing is rebalancing frequencies. Food, vitamins, herbs, minerals, and homeopathics all represent different matrices that carry specific frequencies to the body. In essence, the frequencies of these various forms reset the cell’s frequencies back to normal.

It is an inexpensive, convenient, and accurate way of delivering a broad spectrum of healing frequencies in one system. Most people could not afford or have access to the numerous high quality supplements that make up the energy pattern in the Tesla Energy Card™.

One simply places a bottle of water on top of the magnetic strip and allow it to remain for five minutes. The frequencies from the card become imprinted into the water. When you drink the water, the frequencies enter your body and start the process of rebalancing your cells.

  • First week: Two ounces a day of the frequency infused water.
  • Second week: four ounces of the frequency infused water.
  • Third week: six ounces of the frequency infused water.
  • Maintenance dose: six to eight ounces per day.

The frequency pattern in the Tesla Energy Card™ is very powerful. Taking too much of the energy infused water can result in a major detox reaction (rashes, headaches, flu like symptoms, achy joints, diarrhea/constipation, fatigue, mental fog, dizziness, apathy, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness.

Using kinesiology (muscle testing), dowsing, or a pendulum, you can do a before and after comparison. For example, you test the individual without any potential interferences. Their muscle test should remain strong. Then you place a cell phone in their pocket and retest. They should test weak. Then have them place the Tesla Energy Card™ in another pocket and retest. If the card will work, they should test strong. This example can be applied to any toxic substance (mercury, white sugar, aspartame, glyphosate, foods, chemicals, wi-fi, etc.).

Yes. The card can be worn every day. Just make sure the magnetic strip faces your body. The frequencies will help energize you and keep you healthy.


Absolutely. The card can be placed under the pet’s water bowl. When they drink the water, they are getting the frequencies that will help keep them healthy. This system reduces the stress of forcing nutrients into the pet.

Start your pet by placing the Tesla Energy Card™ under their water bowl for just five minutes every other day. Because of the card’s potency, only small doses are recommended. Maintenance dose: twice a week will be sufficient to help maintain your pet’s health. For serious health issues, you should consult your veterinarian.

There are proprietary frequencies to boost the immune system plus cloned frequencies of highly oxygenated water, and scalar energy with 18 healing frequencies, and numerous anti-oxidant frequencies.

ICNR has additional frequency patterns that have been clinically proven successful that will be available in the near future. Examples: energy patterns for fatigue, coughs, colds and flu, and PMS. There are frequencies to protect against 5G, herbicides like glyphosate (Monsanto’s Round-Up), hormone replacement and many more that will be made available.

The frequencies slowly dissipate over a six month period. We recommend replacing the card every 6 months to ensure potency.

It must be kept away from cell phones (never keep it in the same pocket as a cell phone), magnets, and electronic equipment.

We have an introductory offer of $19.95 plus shipping. The regular price is $29.95 starting April 1. It averages out to $5 per month. The real savings comes from not having to buy numerous supplements and the compliance factor is almost zero.


You can view a photo composite of a recent patient who witnessed healing of her mouth rash and split lips within 24 hours after drinking her spring water that was infused with the frequencies from the card.

Yes. Patients have used it to reduce pain, swelling, muscle spasms, fatigue, and chronic illnesses.

No. Using the card will help keep your immune system healthy and help prevent illnesses.

Yes. It should be placed under the mattress by your feet with the magnetic strip facing up toward the ceiling.

No. Patients have reported back that their card still worked even after going through the wash.

Yes. It is recommended that children under the age of 6 years old should start with one ounce of infused water a day. Increase to two ounces a day for maintenance. Children over 6 years old can start with two ounces a day and a maintenance dose of three ounces. Children over twelve years of old can start with four ounces a day and take a maintenance dose of six ounces a day. Eighteen years and over can handle a twelve ounce bottle a day and maintenance with the same one twelve ounce dose.


Possibly. Most peoples’ cell membranes are like plastic and prevent fluids from entering. The infused water passes directly through to flush out the cell and can cause you to crave more water.

Yes. However, do NOT place fluids that are boiling. It can melt the card.

The only conflict is that the Tesla Energy Card™ will enhance the action of your vitamins and you may have to adjust the dosages downward.

Yes. The only precaution is that the two devices can potentiate each other causing a greater stimulus and possible detox reaction. I really one should test energetically using a pendulum or o ring test or kinesiology or even cranial rhythm to test the compatibility of the card with any other energy device.


Yes. This is the reason the RFID envelope is supplied. Place the Tesla Energy Card™ in the RFID envelope before going through an airport scanner.

The energy pattern in the card can cause medications to be potentiated, that is, work more effectively and also detox them faster than normal. The only way to know is to use the card and monitor any changes.

As long as your pocket book is close by.

Women who do not have pockets can keep the card in their bra. The energy emitted will not harm your skin.

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